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This is Sirius. Leave a message.

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To hopefully facilitate things better.

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» Abigail Widowson
Crooked House
A Witch aligned with Circle Midnight.
Abby was one of the first people Sirius ran into upon his return to London. He tries to stay out of the affairs of witches, but does his best to offer support, both as a human and as a dog. (Has since been dropped)

» Faolan
The Bridei Chronicles
Meta-Human and The Leader of the Hillingdon Clan
As he's slowly made his way back into the Hillingdon clan, Sirius has been grateful to build a friendship with Faolan, and supports him as leader. It helps to have friends in high places.

» Simon O'Neil
Original Character
A Shapeshifter aligned with the Redbright Institute.
After a chance meeting at a coffee shop, Sirius has done his best to keep an eye on the younger shapeshifter, especially with recent troubles. (Has since been dropped)

» Matthew Jones
Original Character
A Meta-Human attending Redbright Institute.
Simon's roommate and Sirius extends the same determination to keep an eye on him. For better or for worse. (Has since been dropped)

» Lancelot
BBC Merlin
A Meta-Human aligned with Circle Daybreak.
The two have had several friendly encounters, enough that Sirius considers him something of an ally.

» Lord Colin Coward
Sherlock Holmes
A Vampire aligned with Islington Nest.
Also the Chief of the Metropolitan Police. Knows who Sirius is, and while he's agreed to stay away from the vampires, this might be a problem. (Has since been dropped)

» Roddy Geiger
A rat shifter that Sirius has helped out with a few things. He likes Roddy and wants to keep an eye on him.

» Annie Cresta
The Hunger Games
A hunter in Hillingdon. Despite rocky beginnings, Sirius and Annie have developed a small friendship. Annie has helped Sirius out several times and wants to be able to return the favour.

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» Daryl Dixon
The Walking Dead
A member of Hillingdon and a fellow shifter. Having worked together on a rescue mission, Sirius has a healthy respect for Daryl, despite the other's seriousness. Especially since Daryl has acted as a character witness for him in a trial.

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Feel free to comment on how I'm doing here. Please be constructive.


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Sirius Black
Harry Potter

OOC permissions
Threadhopping: If it's relevant, it's cool.
Offensive subjects: Depends on the subject. Double check with me.

IC information
Species: Shapeshifter
Role/Faction: Clan member, Hillingdon Clan
Strength: 2 (human), 4 (dog)
Magic: 0
Friends/Allies: Considering he just escaped prison, it's hard to say. He'll be looking for them though.
Enemies: The people who framed him and got him incarcerated.
Relationship status: Single
Notable physical characteristics: As a human, Sirius has long, dark hair, and a rather hunted look in his eyes. Bedraggled is probably a good way to describe him at this point. In his animal form, he is a large, black dog (which some might interpret as a Grim)
Notable magical characteristics: n/a
Offensive subjects: He's very adamant about his innocence. Also it's not wise to insult his friends.
Warnings: n/a

IC permissions
General physical violence: I'm fine with it
Injuring this character: Depends on the level of injury. Larger ones need to be plotted out. A scrape or two is fine.
Torturing this character: As long as we've plotted it out.
Killing this character: I'd rather not
Mental/emotional torment: As long as we've plotted it out.
Physical intimacy: I'm fine with it
Romance: Sure
Using magic on this character: Depends on the type of magic.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes to surface thoughts, anything deeper would have to be plotted out
Using mind control on this character: As long as we've plotted it out.

Notes/Other: Just contact me if you have any questions.


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